ØtherLands [INFO] ©ore: Philip Pocock, Florian Wenz, Udo Noll, Felix Huber
©o-authors: Frederick William Ayer, Mo Diener, Davide Legittimo,
John Zinsser, Nanne Prauda, Roberto Cabot, Agent 40, and ØtherSelves. 
SCRIPT Read through and see all storylines by clicking the NEXT and PREV buttons. Best way to find places in the SCRIPT to ADD your own scenes. [1] Returns the screen from split-screen mode - [V] or [H] - to the normal single screen RUN mode.
CHAT Meeting place. Always somebody there. Be patient. [V] Splits the corresponding screen or frame into two frames - Vertically. May be repeated 256 times or until your browser crashes :-)
MAP Table of Contents listing storyline jump-in points. Tallies Most Popular and Least Popular scenes. Offers a complete site Word SEARCH function, very useful. [H] Splits the corresponding screen or frame into two frames - Horizontally. May be repeated 256 times or until your browser crashes :-)
NEWS What's up lately. Lists the 50 newest scenes uploaded. Click on one to go there. 12 345:67890 Scene register and Hit count, listing in order _ scene# : # of SCRIPT mode hits : # of RUN mode hits.
PREV Click to move to the previous (or parent) scene in the SCRIPT. Send mail To: /Subject: 40 /No Message Body.
NEXT Click to move to the next (or child) scene in the SCRIPT. Visit both the recombined equator and WierdWord word-game modes, using our text database entries. The poetic results come from none of us and all of us in ØtherLands.
RUN The movie runs from the corresponding point in the script. ãEQUATOR³ TALKS AND INSTALLATIONS
add Add your own scene at the corresponding point in the script/movie. Messages (text/images) will be added in 24 hours. documenta x 100 Days 100 Guests lecture (23.08.97): day 63 (Philip Pocock) (RealPlayer required.) Or (TEXT only.)
ins Agent status required. Inserts scene accordingly. Schloss Solitude lecture (14.11.97): "MeWe!"
upd Agent status required. Updates scene accordingly. 7th International Video Week (01.10. - 09.11.97): Views.
del Agent status required. Deletes scene accordingly. WARNING! Any following scenes are eliminated. 1st Performance Festival Odense (29.11. - 03.13.97): Views.

World Wide Video Festival 16, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1998. Talk.

identity Your identifier on-line: agentXX or guest. Agents please don't forget to use this feature to update your emotional and physical state as well as your whereabouts regularly. Sculpture Cologne , International Art Cologne 1998. Views.

 Kölner Premierentagen, Galerie Schenk, Cologne - April 1998.