7th INTERNATIONAL VIDEO WEEK *[saint-gervais, genève] Philip Pocock
Florian Wenz
Felix Huber
Udo Noll
We arrived in Geneva Sept. 26th at 1 AM, 6 days prior to our opening. Two øther installations by Chris Marker and Fischl / Weiss were also being prepared on øther floors to accompany ours [images below] and a program of video works from Chantal Akerman, Rebecca Horn, Roman Signer, Lothar Hempel, Carsten Höller, and øthers.
black sea diary - genevablack sea diary - genevablack sea diary - geneva

*[Above]: Felix Huber lounging in the "Black Sea Diary" fax and video area.

*[Right]: Drawings, "hackers chair" and "waiting room" in the "ØtherLands" area.

*[Below]: "Arctic Circle"  camping table, slide show, sleeping area.

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equator installation hackers' chair - geneva
equator 'waiting room' - geneva
We had checked in to the Savoy Hotel by the train station. Our shoebox-sized rooms stank of fried food. The next morning early we were ushered into Wendy's for a styrofoam breakfast of badbad coffee and stale croissant with plastic utensils. We headed back up to our rooms, packed up, checked out, and headed over to saint-gervais.

In the space, we unpacked our bags and rolls, and moved in. The people working there brought us mattresses, blankets and towels. We dragged in a few funky furniture tidbits from around the building, supplemented by a camping table and lamp from some warehouse. We ripped down some walls, framed some work, built a "hackers chair", taped up some drawings, made some new ones, arranged rather unobtrusively 5 more Internet and CD ROM workstations, and lived, showered, and slept in the space for about a week while we installed. Opening day we moved out to a small hotel, leaving behind our "TRACE."

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geac01s.JPG (8320 Byte)equator and arctic circle installation areas - geneva