*[kunsthallen brandts klaedefabrik, odense] 
Philip Pocock
Florian Wenz
Udo Noll
Felix Huber 
We arrived in Odense (DK) 3 days before our performance and installation opening in the Kunsthalle (29.11 - 03.12.1997) . We surveyed our rooms borrowed furniture and odds and ends for our 'equator: hackers paradise' installation. We had a partition wall built to divide the " ØtherLands" from the older "Arctic Circle" video, email slide show and image installation.   We built 3 'hacker's chairs' for Florian, Udo and Philip (Felix wasn't present) - the usual provisional workstations we always make when we're uploading and installing from anywhere (ØtherWhere) on the road - to use, and to leave behind as our trace for visitors. The festival also featured Cardiophone from Hamburg, Peter Land from Denmark, as well as artists Carolee Scheeman, Allison Knowles, Ben Patterson from America,  and Alastair Maclennon from Ireland... 
  *[Left and Above]: Philip, Florian and Udo burning paper laptop and mobile phone objects in the gallery. The objects were made in Singapore during August, the month of the ghosts, and were burned in a pseudo-Feng Shui manner at a point in the gallery where the paths between entrances and exits through doors (and windows) met, as a offering to the ghosts, and a cleansing for good luck with our technology. As it turned out we had no technical glitches during the three day festival. 
hackers' chairs 1 + 2 - Odense 

*[Above]: Installation views - "ØtherLands hacker's chairs"* 

[Right]: "ØtherLands hacker's chairs (2 - 3)" 

*[Below]: More "ØtherLands" installation views. 

hackers' chair 2 - odensehackers' chair 2 - odense 
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