/* ]]> */ radio aporee: world listening day 2020

radio aporee participates in World Listening Day 2020.

This year's theme, created by Wild Sanctuary Vice President, Katherine Krause is

The Collective Field

There is something new afoot. The field itself is changing.

The creature world knows. The creative one does too.

So what does it mean now to listen? How do we express what we know?

Be alert.

Read more about at the World Listening Project's website

You are invited to participate, please send your audio field recording to radio aporee, and help creating a soundmap of the World Listening Day 2020 - The Collective Field, on July 18, 2020:

All recordings will be made available on the dedicated project page, additionally, new contributions will be played on the web radio on aporee as they arrive, along with compilations from previos WLDs.

Visite the soundmaps from previous years:

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