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about the project

The project radio aporee ::: maps has started 2006. it is a global soundmap dedicated to phonography, field recording (and related practices) and the art of listening. it connects sound recordings and places, in order to create a sonic cartography, open to the public as a collaborative project. It contains recordings from numerous urban, rural and natural environments, showing their audible complexity, as well as the different perceptions, practices and artistic perspectives of its many contributors, related to sound, public and private spaces, listening and sense of place. (more about ...) important: before uploading, read this...

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how it works

find places
move the map with the mouse or the arrow keys at the upper left corner. the slider or your mouse wheel zooms in & out. search provides a basic interface for searching places, sounds, contributors or addresses. hit aporee ::: maps for a search within the aporee database, or google places for an address based search. the buttons on the upper right corner of the map let you choose between different map types provided by google, as well as an Open Street Map layer. click places for the most recent contributions and this month's favourites choosen by listeners.
add recording
a click on the map opens a bubble with a link to the upload interface. before sending anything, read the posting guidelines! click add a new location. you will be asked for a place and recording title, your email address (see privacy statement), a short description and the recording date and time. select a licence under which the recording should be published, or choose PUBLIC DOMAIN. beware: you can't revoke or change a licence later, so choose it carefully.
if you choose to upload a sound, there's a button for selecting the file from your hard drive, if you want to fetch an already existing recording from your website, give the full url to the file in the corresponding form field, including http:// at the beginning! soundcloud users see below.
edit your recordings
you don't need a login or account in order to participate in the project, however, after uploading your first sound, you have access to an editor for your contributions. there you can edit titles, locations, descriptions and other info. it also provides a possibility to create your own projects. imagine it as the radio aporee ::: maps with only your selected recordings, under a dedicated URL, see also project maps below. there are links in the confirmation emails you receive after uploading, about how to get/set a password and access the editor. here you can also set your name, which then will be shown instead of the (shortened) email address. recommended!
play recordings
when the map loads initially, it jumps to the most recent recording and plays it. the currently playing sound is indicated by a blinking red marker. click it to get more information about this sound. play on the menue bar has several options for playing random selections, the radio aporee ::: stream or the currently visible sounds on the map. previous mix & multiplayer-modes are now on a dedicated page.
geo-mixing mode lets you play different places around the world simultaneously in up to 5 channels. playtime, give it a try... note: these functions may put some load on our computer, esp. if it's an older one. things may become slow or hang.
share your sounds
the tools section on the menu bar has some options for sharing sounds with others and embedding links and selected maps on external websites, blogs etc. link visible map creates copy&paste html code for he currently visible map area. with map selection it's possible to select an arbitrary part of the visible map for embedding. press <shift> and drag/select the desired area on the map. for a specific location, use the share & embed function in the details infowindow (e.g. opened when you click the blinking red marker, or the more details... link in the sound info bar at the bottom).

about content

tl;dr - make field recordings of decent quality!

this project is about sounds from spaces and places, origin of place is important, also the quality of the recording. the sounds we want to hear are field/location recordings (check wikipedia for a definition), sounds from actual sites and situations, including their ambiences. check the many recordings to get an idea.

there are some rules, please consider them before posting anything, otherwise don't expect your recording to survive.
the following aspects will be handled rather strict...

think about phonography, get yourself a recorder, listen to the sounds of your surroundings, record & share them with others here on radio aporee. maintain a sense of place! the project relies on your contributions, please be conscious and responsible.
in case of doubt, send an email and ask before you send something. spam, tests, jokes and trash audio will be deleted without comment, as well as obviously copyright protected or illegal material. beware: even if you sing a popular song by yourself, it may be under ©opyright in some countries.

if you find illegal or copyright-protected material on the radio aporee ::: maps, please send an email! see address below

your recordings will be published under the Creative Commons License you've choosen during uploading (which implies that that you own the right to publish it under this licence...). again: you can't revoke or change a licence later, so choose it carefully. if you don't agree to the above, please don't send your recording.
Creative Commons License

tech & tips

project maps

each contributor to this project can create personal or project soundmaps. this function is available in the edit section, see above. a project map is a selection of the global aporee soundmap, accessible under a dedicated URL. to get an idea, check the currently available projects. authors of a project map may decide to open it up for contributions from others, so that one can directly upload to a specific project. however, sounds will always be visible on the radio aporee ::: maps too. please respect the content rules, see about content above.

collaboration with

radio aporee has its own collection on IA, the Internet Archive at (read more). all recordings are synchronized to IA daily. this could be helpful for digital survival in case of a catastrophy. but it's also useful for uploading uncompressed sound formats to aporee. there's not enough space on aporee for loads of WAVs, so it's only stored temporarily until it has arrived on a high quality mp3 copy remains on aporee. other formats like ogg and flac are created automatically on the IA servers. if you delete sounds or update the metadata for a location, these changes will be incorporated into the item on the next synchronisation run.

the radio aporee ::: app

if you have a smart phone, you may want to check the radio aporee app. it's a location-aware browser for the soundmap, a basic player for the radio aporee ::: stream and an exciting interface for the miniatures for mobiles augmented aur(e)ality project. sooner or later we want to get rid of apps... and rather use open standards like HTML5... things to come. news 2015: there will be a new app soleley for the minatures for mobiles project. the radio aporee ::: maps and the streaming radio will be accessible by a HTML5 web app.

APIs, usage, etc.

there is no public API so far. I agree that it would be nice to have one, so I'll look into sooner or later... If you have a project which wants to use the sounds of the radio aporee ::: maps, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE and provide details. Do not mass-download with scripts. If you use sounds in your project, propper attribution is mandatory. You have to respect the licence provided with each of the recordings!

privacy statement

your email address is the only personal information needed in order to contribute to the radio aporee ::: maps project. it's used for the confirmation of sound uploads and related actions, and for the daily news about new contributions, which you can opt-out at any time of course. please note: your (truncated) email address will be displayed along with some other information related to your contribution in the corresponding info box on the map, as well as in the status line for the currently selected sound. if you don't want this, please log in and set a name in your personal settings. once in a while you may get an email about interesting activities going on at radio aporee or related sites. further, the site sets two cookies: it's fine if you disable cookies, everything will also work without them. that's all. we don't mess around with your data.


in case of questions, problems etc., please send me an email

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