radio aporee ::: miniatures for mobiles

( - blueprint - )

this project doesn't want to subtitle your reality. it's intention is to intensify and enrich the experience and perception of the world around you, while listening to it. you may think of it as a form of radio which literally surrounds you, and which may, if you like, dissolve the borders between listening and performing (and, btw., between the digital and analogue spheres).

notes about backgrounds, concepts and techniques

in near future, it will be impossible to escape the omnipresence of mobile computing. think of it as spaces or layers of reality, created by the superposition and intersection of physical space with media and information, right at your current location. this may improve our life, or fragment it even more, into infinite pieces. but it will quickly evolve into a social practise. for companies and consumers, this probably translates to improved shopping. for us, it raises questions about creative strategies, ideas and alternatives against the functions and fictions of solely market-driven forces. mapping has ever been a strategy for claiming and aqcuiring new territories, maps create spaces. let's see what is possible with a sound map...
the miniatures for mobiles utilize most recent mobile computing techniques in order to turn your sophisticated smart phone into a receiver for a different radio. so, what to hear?

the radio aporee ::: soundmap is a growing global archive of geo-bound recordings, reflecting the complexity of our sonic environments, as well as the different perception and artistic perspectives of its many contributors, in relation to sound, space and places. the miniatures are connected to the soundmap: all or individual sounds from the map, available in that particular area you've chosen, can be integrated into your work, along with recordings specifically made for it. miniatures for mobiles focus on smaller areas, e.g. neighbourhoods, the next street corner. there may be more than one at a place, giving multiple perspectives on that area, they may consist of only a few sounds up to rather complex and extended series of recordings. language, spoken words, voices may extend the the acoustic spectrum: poetry, essay, fiction, documentation - narration, in a wide sense, enters the soundscape and transforms your daily routes into a radio experience - themes to develop and practices to explore...

there will be different possibilities to listen to this kind of spatial radio plays, but the most immersive and intriguing way is to approach and enter these areas while you're tuned to radio aporee on your mobile fon. the sounds continuously change and fade along your path, depending on position, speed and directions, and naturally mix with the actual sounds reaching your ear while walking. you can explore the works specifically created with the miniatures for mobiles platform, or just browse the radio aporee sounds right at the place of their origin. if you want, your movement in space and time leaves traces, not to track you down, but to create unique soundtracks which inscribe into the city space and can be heard by others in future.

request for participation

radio aporee takes care about the tools for creation: a web-based editor, a mobile phone app (android only so far) and a website for live and archived sounds & tracks.

we are aware that many people interested in participating in this project, don't have phones smart enough... but don't worry, they'll be cheap soon, and we're not in a hurry. more important than fancy tech-toys are ideas, interest in sites and their sounds, and a sense of place. if you are interested in exploring the possibilities of new forms of radio and listening practises, and in creating a work for a specific site, get in contact:

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